About Us

Members of the community gather for the common and joyful enterprise of making music, to sing through (for their own pleasure) the great works in choral literature, with chorus, orchestra, and soloists as the works require. A semi-professional orchestra (by invitation only) is assembled and professional soloists arranged for, as each work requires. The sessions are always conducted by professional conductors.

The meetings are informal readings in which any musically interested person may join the chorus. There are no auditions and no separate rehearsals, except for a one-hour chorus rehearsal for the annual Gilbert and Sullivan session. Conductors usually do some preparation with the chorus before the sing-through. This varies from minimal snippets for well-known pieces to a complete review for unfamiliar works. Scores are provided.

Sessions begin at 4:00pm (3:00pm for Gilbert & Sullivan) and finish by 6:30pm, with a refreshments break in the middle serving tea, coffee, and snacks. We meet at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Princeton, 50 Cherry Hill Rd., Princeton, NJ.


Management & Trustees

President Marilee Thompson
Vice President Buzz Herman
Secretary Karen Jenkins and Helen Ackley
Treasurer Georg Huellstrunk
Executive Director Melinda Posipanko

Program Sandy Duffy
Ron Sverdlove
Librarian Gregory Rewoldt
Orchestra Coordinator J. Rogers Woolston
Orchestra Invitation (strings) Robert Ellis
Orchestra Invitation (brass) Buzz Herman
Orchestra Invitation (winds) Helen Ackley
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